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"eSource is easily the most frequently requested addition to our platform because sponsors, monitors, and sites all want the same things – to reduce exorbitant on-site monitoring burden and cost, mitigate data quality risk, and gain real-time insights into what is happening in the trial."

Filling an Unmet Customer Need

Remote and on-site consent to improve the patient experience, support compliance and retention, and eliminate consent-related audit findings


Measure and monitor patient activity, biometric, and sleep data with up to 15 FDA-approved digital endpoints captured by state-of-the-art wearables

Connected Devices

Capture reliable and timely patient data for primary and secondary endpoints and QoL evidence for labeling decisions using BYOD and provisioned global mobile devices

ePRO Diaries

Mitigate Risk with Reliable Data

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See What's Possible

Manage data from eConsent, connected devices, and ePRO diaries, as well as scanned third-party forms and images, in a centralized platform that ensures quality

Redact personally identifiable information, upload documents, and centralize all data for review, sign-off, and reporting using a site-based mobile tablet

Paper binders may be lost / illegible / incomplete, cannot be searched, add significant time to review, and don't provide real-time insights into risk indicators until it's too late to act

Reduce Monitoring Cost & Burden

Eliminate the Problems of Paper

eSource by ClinOne fills an unmet customer need for reliable source data verification and remote site monitoring readiness - IN ONE SINGLE PLATFORM

Make every site your best site with eSource for data quality and remote site monitoring readiness

eSource Centralizes Your Critical Trial Data

ClinOne supports eSource data captured directly its solutions including from electronic informed patient consent, connected devices, and ePRO diaries, along with scanned third-party forms and images, with the seamless experience that only a single platform can provide

Rob Bohacs

CEO & Co-founder